The apple

Good breeding comes from great parentage and the Smitten™ brand apple is a unique mix of the Gala, Braeburn, Falstaff and Fiesta breeding lines. This resulted in an apple with a bite sensation that we had been looking for, combined with full flavour, juiciness, and a sweetness rating of Brix >15.

But that’s not all. We discovered that the great texture is maintained over time, and its firmness makes the apple more resistant to bruising. So, Smitten™ brand apple is not just the choice for eaters, it’s the choice for growers too. Providing longevity ‘on the run’ means a better product reaches the store and the customer gets longer to enjoy the apple at home.

Smitten box

Breeders and growers who are passionate about this love story have been overheard saying – ‘it could be considered one of the highest quality early season apples ever!’  Try it for yourself but be ready to fall in love!