A love affair with fruit

Smitten™’s flavour and bite are enough to make it a hit, but it had more attractive attributes waiting to surprise us. Its ability to consistently arrive early every season made it even more irresistible – an early season ‘best eat’ apple was something that had rarely been seen before, and here it was being grown in NZ.

Based on such great beginnings the Smitten™brand apple has the ability for widespread appeal, suitable for any occasion: an everyday, anywhere apple that lives up to its tagline from the very first bite: “once bitten, forever smitten”.

Smitten™ brand apples are available from NZ between March to the end of July every season so there is plenty of time to experience their amazing taste and bite for yourself.

Available for a limited time from retail outlets including:

  • Morrisons, United Kingdom
  • Foodstuffs, New Zealand
  • Progressive, New Zealand